maandag 18 oktober 2010


Different positions, different stories.
I don't know wich one to choose.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I have to say Janien I really like the first one it's got great balance to it!

  2. ok wait ...the second one looks like a nice conversation- though my initial reaction was that the figure was praying to the red shape.
    yeah I'm sticking w/ the first...(can you do 2?)

  3. The first one is in the actual direction the first two shapes were made and you still can feel that. But in the first one she is turning away and I like the fact that's she is making contact....

  4. it's impossible... I like that she has the "nest" on top of her, like here thoughts or mind. But I also like that the nest works as a nest in the second one and that she is talking to the red shape. The last one is a little bit more aggressive, the red is trying to take over and the nest is defending itself.